What is In Transit ?

This newsletter is a personal project. Whenever I look back at the time when I first left home and moved to a new city, I realise how much it transformed me; but I always regret never having any written record of what I was feeling when I was going through that change.

As I pack my bags again to move to a different country this time, I promised myself that I will archive my amusements, irritations, observations and thoughts about landing up in an alien land. I hope and believe that this arc of leaving home and having to re-build a new cocoon for myself is going filled with interesting experiences. Though In Transit, I hope to archive my thoughts from 2022, for the 30 year old Dhyanesh to read and reminisce about (hopefully positively).

Why Should You Subscribe ?

As I said, this is a personal project. So the imagined audience of this newsletter is a small circle of people who are very important to me, and I would be more than happy even if they manage to read 30% of what I write here. But in case you happen to read something that I wrote here and would like to read more, do subscribe. It will only encourage me to write better.

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A fortnightly diary entry of a twenty something about his experience of moving to a different country. This is a workout for my mental obesity.


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